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Wikipǣdia:Gemǣnscipes Ingang

Fram Wikipǣdian
Ƿikipǣdia is ƿīsdōmbōc and wiki-gemǣnscipe. Þu canst adihtan and sceapan geƿritu on Ƿikipǣdie efne nū. Leornie hū tō forðienne mid þǣm tutorial (oððer efne plega abuton ūre sand-trog).

For mare ascungea, on-sende monunga to Þorpes Ƿella, read the Help directory and our policies, contact other Wikipedians, and keep track of what's going on. If you haven't already, you may want to create an account (hƿȳ?).

Get involved

Þing þā þe þu canst dōn

Midƿeorc þǣre ƿuce

Ƿilt þū forðian? Help tō ādihtenne Crīstemæssan, Wikipedia's current Midƿeorc þǣre ƿuce! Please help to improve it to featured article standard.

Snippet from the article:

Crīstemæsse (rihte, sēo Cristes mæsse ) is geþēaƿe hāligdæg in þǣm crīstenum gerimbōcum þæt gǣþ æt Gēolmōnaþes ende and gebrēmaþ þā cennesse Iesus Cristes. Ēac gebrēmaþ man hīe sƿā ƿoruldes symbeldæg in manigum stedum þǣre ƿorulde, geinniande rīcu mid gehƿǣdum Crīstenum folce, tō bisne Japane. Sēo sōþtīd and se stǣr Iesuses cennesse is uncūþ and under cnēatung (sēo Iesus)...

You can still help with last week's article Congo Civil War (see how it improved), look at previous collaborations, or help pick next week's article.


Rǣd þæs dæges

Hwonne þú wrítst gewritu, þu sceoldest "nemniendlicne casum" brúcan for gewrita naman. Wrít "Ælfréd se Gréata," ne "Ælfrédes þæs Gréatan," asf.

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