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An occasional complaint is Why aren't these pages copy-edited?

Or, from folks who've been here a bit longer: Why aren't these pages wikified? ("wikifying" is the process of adding links and basic formatting). The answer, of course, is very simple: it's because you, who know the correct spellings, grammar, etc., have idly passed by mistakes when you saw them. Instead, you could have corrected them simply by clicking on the Edit this page link at the top and making a quick change and thus prevented others from wondering the same thing. This is usually easier, faster, and less emotional than spending the time typing a complaint.

So get on the ball: go out there and edit now! Be bold!

If you have an itch to copy-edit something, anything, click Random Page a few times (in the sidebar on the left). You'll eventually end up at a page where you can find something to correct or add. Alternatively, Wikipedia:Pages needing attention lists a few pages where you can probably also be of help.

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