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Entry 2 - But I have problems editing with my browser![ādihtan fruman]

See Wikipedia:Browser notes.

How do I make links?[ādihtan fruman]

Edit any page to see how wikilinks are made. (The edit-view is safe, and encouraged.) The most basic syntax you'll see in the wikitext is that the words of the link are surrounded by double square brackets: [[page name]].
To add a link, find the page that supports both the immediate context and main topic. The spelling of the page name can come from visiting the target and copying its title, from the search box name-completion, or from a guess.

I'm confused am i allowed to edit here? -- 15:56, 17 Sēremōnaþ 2019 (UTC)

Markup the link, and then activate a preview to diagnose and test the new link. A missing link will be red. Finally, follow a new link to prove its intent.
See Help:Link for more linking syntax, like the fact that the first letter (that begins a page title) will link just fine in lowercase. See Wikipedia'jk Manual of Style for linking in good style, for example, without over-linking.

How do I make a link appear different from a page name?[ādihtan fruman]

Use a piped link to separate the page name from the way the link will appear:
[[ page name | displayed text ]]
Note that the page name is the primary entry.
To add a suffix like "jk" or "ed" or "ing", just append these letters immediately to the right of the brackets:
[[page name]]jk, [[page name]]ed, and [[page name]]ing
The additional letters will render in the same style as the link. See more wikilink examples at [[Help:Link]].
See the many "pipe trick" examples for an in-depth look at how to save typing-in the right hand side of a piped link by appending the pipe character to the page name. (The pipe character, '|', is a commonly used keyboard key nowadays.)
To make the parenthetical phrase disappear from a page name:
[[page name (disambiguation)| ]]
To make the namespace name disappear from a page name:
[[ Namespace : page name| ]]

How do I insert a line?[ādihtan fruman]