Fram Wikipǣdian

Þæt Wicipǣdiaweorc is manigsprǣclic, with wikis in over fifty languages being actively worked on and another one hundred ready to go.

Þæt Wicipǣdian Ambihtsecg wæs gestaðolod on meta swā onstala middelstede tō helpenne mid intingum betwēonan-sprǣcum-- site-wide policy and software decisions that affect ūser eall, and betwuxsprǣclica bindunga. Bidde sēo þone tramet for details of setting up an embassy in your own language, oþþe tō efenwrītenne þec selfne swā ambihtsecg.

Sēo Wikipedia:Stōwlic Ambihtsecghof for details of the English embassy where you can ask for help in your own language.

Sēo m:How to start a new wikipedia for information on starting a wikipedia in your language.

The mailing list[adiht fruman]

The Wikipedia-L Wikipedia mailing list is open to Wikipedians ealra sprǣca and þēoda. Sēo fyrmeste sprǣc is Nīwe Englisc, ac ealla sprǣca sind wilcume -- someone else can translate if necessary. (Twisprǣclice ǣrendas sind swīðe wilcume!)

Ambihtsecgas[adiht fruman]

Wicipǣdianambihtsecg should keep an eye on the Embassy and on Wikipedia-L and Wikitech-L for issues of interest to the community they represent. You should also bring attention to the overall multilingual community locally brought-up issues and ideas that may affect or benefit everyone.

A list of all embassies and ambassadors can be found at m:Wikipedia Embassy.

Current issues[adiht fruman]

Current international issues should be discussed on Meta. Older issues have been archived here.