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Fram Wikipǣdian
Gān tō: þurhfōr, sēcan
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Þes tramet wæs for swiftlicre āhwītunge genamod.
Þæt gescēad giefen biþ "Vandalism". Gif þū tōdǣle wiþ his swiftlican āhwītunge, bidde ārec hwȳ on his mōtungtramet. Gif þes tramet gewislīce ne macie þā nȳdbrycas for swiftlicre āhwītunge, oþþe þū hit geteohhie tō gerihtenne, bidde fornim þis gewrit, ac ne fornim þis gewrit fram tramete þe þū self scōp.

Bewitendas, gīemaþ tō sēonne gif āhwæt hider binde and þisses trametes stǣre (nīwoste ādihtung) for āhwītunge.

the moon andeskys are big and brite this winter. So I look through my windows into the sky; because its to cold out. I could wear a coat and hood; then you won't see my pretty face moon. I like the stars so much they distract me some times. I have self control but the stars know how much I love them. I Love them so much I sing to them four you I will. The shooting stars follow me alot, more often than usual. They are watching me dance for them. They move so I move like them. my favorite thing to look at is the sun. He has a hold of me. I Love him so I allow it. He is from the sky with blue skys to keep his fire from getting out of control. I Love him. The sky has you to Bevause I am the one. Cpox. 1234. 4. & four you I will. Sox. Lol. Xoxo