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Map of Bahrain showing Al Manamah municipality

Manama (Arabisc: المنامة Al-Manāmah) is hēafodstōl Baraines and līþ be þǣm Persisc Gulf, in ēastnorðe Bahrain Īege. Hit is mǣst stede Bahraines mid folcrīm ymbe 150,000, fēorðlung þǣm full folcrīm Bahraines.

Islamisc cranicas namiaþ Manamane at least as far back as 1345. Hit þā Portugliscmenn brǣcon in 1521 and æfter be þā Persiscmenn in 1602. Fram 1783 se hīred Al-Khalifa habbaþ hit gehealden and geƿealden, mid sceortum underbrecungum. Man hēt Manaman sƿā frēohæfene in 1958, and in 1971 hit ƿearþ hēafodstōl selfƿealdendes Baraines.

The economical base for Manama is identical to Barain as a whole - petroleum, oil refining, dhow building, fiscaþ and meregrot dyfung. Manama is served by Barain International Flyhthæfen on þǣm īeglande Al Muharraq, to which it is connected with a causeway. Manama ēac is ham for þone University of Barain, which man āstealde in 1986.

Al Manamah was also one of the twelve municipalities of Barain, and it is now in the Capital Governorate.