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Gelicnessa[adiht fruman]

Bryce AN biliþ on annum siþ

Ineligible[adiht fruman]

Blurb Reason
Benito Juárez Dæg in Mexico; refimprove
Woruld Scopcræft Dæg stub
1801 – The Battle of Alexandria was fought between British and French forces near the ruins of Nicopolis in Egypt. {{more footnotes}}
1804 – The Napoleonic Code, the French civil code established under Napoleon, entered into force, eventually strongly influencing the law of many other countries. unreferenced section, refimprove section
1943Ōðru Woruld Gūþ: Wehrmacht officer Rudolf Christoph von Gersdorff attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler by suicide bombing, but had to abort the plan at the last minute. refimprove
1960 – Police in Sharpeville, South Africa, opened fire on a group of unarmed black demonstrators who were protesting pass laws, killing almost 70 people and wounding about 180 others. Tagged with {{expand}}
1968War of Attrition: The Israel Defense Forces clashed with the combined forces of the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Jordanian Army in the Battle of Karameh. neutrality issues
1980 – The United States announced the boycott of the Summer Olympics in Moscow to protest the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. date not in article, refimprove section

Eligible[adiht fruman]

  • 1909 – The remains of the Báb, one of three central figures of the Bahá'í Faith, were interred by `Abdu'l-Bahá in Haifa, present-dæg Israe].
  • 1913 – Over 360 were killed and 20,000 homes destroyed in the Great Dayton Flood in Dayton, Ohio.
  • 1937 – A police squad, acting under orders from Governor of Puerto Rico Blanton Winship, opened fire on demonstrators protesting the arrest of Puerto Rican Nationalist leader Pedro Albizu Campos, killing 17 people and injuring over 200 others.
  • 1946 – The Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League signed Kenny Washington, making him the first African American player in the league since 1933.
  • 1963 – The U.S. federal prison on Alcatraz Īege in San Francisco Byhte on Californie, was closed.
  • 2002 – British schoolgirl Amanda Dowler was abducted on her way home from Heathside School in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. 21. dæg Hreðmonðes: Ƿoruld Doƿns Syndrome Dæg; Naw-Rúz (þæs Bahá'í gerīmbēc); Modora Dæg in þære Arabena eard; Sundorrices Dæg on Namibie (1990)
    Thomas Cranmer Ercebiscop
    Thomas Cranmer Ercebiscop
  • 630Eastromanisc casere Heraclius eftbrohtede þone Rihtan Rōd to Ierusaleme.
  • 1556Thomas Cranmer Ercebiscop of Cantaƿarabyrig (on biliþe), se wæs an on þæm staðolerum þære Cirice Ednīwunge on Englum wæs gebærnet æt þæm stange in Oxnaford on Englum.
  • 1800 – Æfter þe man hæfde him geceorren to beon pāpa for ðe he wæs gesēm to cyste æfter manigfealdum monaðum on twēon, Pius VII Pāpa fōn papan coronbeag in Venice mid hƿilendlicum bufantigeran ūt papier-mâché.
  • 1871 – Staþolere þæs Germanisc Rīce Otto von Bismarck bannede se Casere to beonne his forma Cancelere.
  • 1989 – Tramet in Sports Illustrated alleged þe Pete Rose, se ƿæs manager of the Major League Baseball team Cincinnati Reds, ƿæs in involved in gambling.
  • 2006 – A man using a hammer eall abrāc þā gelicnesse of Phra Phrom in þǣm Eraƿan Scrīn in Bangkoke on Þailande, and ƿæs eftsōn to dēað geslōgen be bistandum.