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Wikipǣdia:Nīwlicu word teohhunga

Fram Wikipǣdian

This is a page where anyone may propose neologisms to be created, primarily for modern concepts. It would be best to propose a term, and wait for feedback from other users as well, and to accept inputs for alternative terms, as there is almost always more than one way to name something. Terms which are basically accepted between all users can be found on the Glēsing Nīƿa Ƿorda page, and terms that you've found in articles which you may not yet understand, can be found here.

Some qualifications for creating terms should be considered:

  • Being descriptive of what the concept is, as this is how the ancients often named things.
  • As accurate of a translation, based on the original, as possible.
  • Ease of being understood, upon the reader's first time encountering the term.

Concerning creating equivalent translations for Old English: remember the languages to which Old English is closest related; Frisian, Dutch, and German. If a modern term in these languages consists of a non-Germanic loan word themselves, then consider the Icelandic term, and attempt to Anglicize it with accuracy, according to natural speech patterns.

Concerning a term's ease of being understood: do your best to ensure that the term is both accurate, and easy to understand. This is a delicate balance, best determined not by technical criteria, but by personal judgement.

Ultimately, some concepts might not be accurately rendered with a neologism, such as "guitar." Do your best to try, but don't always try to force it, if it would be too awkward of a word.

Also remember to determine the term's grammatical gender, and class, if applicable.

Above all else, immerse yourself into the language and its style, and assuming this mindframe, you can potentially create the best possible term.

Place all proposals on this project's Talk Page.