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Gelicnessa[adiht fruman]

Bryce AN biliþ on ælc cyrre

Ineligible[adiht fruman]

Blurb Reason
Genocide Remembrance Dæg in Armenia stub
1866 – German compose] Max Bruch's First Violin Concerto premiered with the composer himself conducting. original research
1877 – Unable to resolve a series of disputes over the Balkans in the aftermath of the 1876 Bulgarian Ēastermōnaþ Uprising, Russia declared war on the Ottoman Empire, starting the Russo-Turkish War. refimprove section
1980 – Eight U.S. servicemen died in Operation Eagle Claw, a failed attempt to rescue the hostages in the Iran hostage crisis. refimprove section

Eligible[adiht fruman]

24. dæg Eastermonðes: Cyneƿīsan Dæg on Ðǣre Gambie (1970)

Gemōtes Bōchord Bold on Hwæsingatune

HordMāran gemynddagas...