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Yes, but if one reads the [[W]] page in ȝƿ or ᵹƿ mode it won't look correctly, that's why I wanted to edit it, leaving W when it's needed.
I guess that means no. Such a pity, it could solve the problem in some minutes. [[Brūcend:Birdofadozentides|Birdofadozentides]] ([[Brūcendmōtung:Birdofadozentides|mōtung]]) 01:24, 13 Solmōnaþ 2019 (UTC)
:Hmm. I don't know how that can be done. I tried Unicode numbers, but that didn't work. Maybe whoever programmed it could think of something. [[Brūcend:Hogweard|Hogweard]] ([[Brūcendmōtung:Hogweard|mōtung]]) 00:14, 14 Solmōnaþ 2019 (UTC)


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