Fram Wikipǣdian
This work is only half mine. I do NOT own the background, it's screenshot from Benjamin Bagby's "Beowulf" (may it be the last time I write this word on my page with w!) So all the rights of the background belong to their respective owners. This beautiful picture (actually, footage) of the sea was in the beginning of the perfomance, and then came "BEOǷULF" and you can easily guess ""how"" it was written. Otherwise I wouldn't be posting this picture.So I typed to the word with Ƿynn and put on the background, to make it feel lika it actually was like that in the video. if only it was like that there :( Since I created this account I wanted to upload it here. Once again, I don not own the background.

Ƿesaþ ᵹe hāle everyone! I know my nickname is kinda weird, when I was registing I never could've thought I would talk to someone here or, all the more, create a personal page. I just wanted to register in quick way.

At fist I wanted to take take Stefn as a nickname (not a form of female name, it's from Old English word for "voice") But it'd been already taken. Then I wanted to take Deor, but it'd been taken too. And I created this nickname that noone but me would use. I like birds, espesially hunting birds, like osprey or march harrier (they are my patronus' on some Pottermore pages, I used to love to create them and these patronus are my favorites).

I was planning to put Ƿynn in Old English texts like it's meant to be (and also use Ȝogh to represent insular g, though I didn't know insular g ( ᵹ ) was availiable). I thought it'd be not very easy, but possible, nobody would stop me and edits would last, and in the end I'll imaginary ride into sunset, unknown to everybody. The end. Ah, naive old me.

I went to Wikisourse, there are many Old English works there. I've been working the whole day (it was 4th of February), I wanted to make the text look as similar to Old English manuscripts as it was possible, I was changing capital Ȝogh to G throughout all text, in the end of the day my eyes hurted but I was glad I did it. The next day all my edits were reverted and I got a message that says the orthography of published works is not to be changed. All was in vain. If anyone interested, you can read the conversation in there - I don't blame the moderator, he was polite to me and it's not his fault there is that rule about orthography (why is there this rule... -_-)

Then I went to Wiktionary and started to get rid of w there. I met Leasnam who was very kind to me and we agreed I would create new pages with Ƿynn as alternative form of the words instead of changing orthography on the main pages. I do dometimes, not long ago I got a message form another user that said alternative form pages must have much less information than main ones and I have to obey.

I came to this Ƿikipǣdia (yeah, wanna write it like this) also in this Febriary, just after Wikisourse. And as you alredy guessed, I also get rid of w here (and sometimes - very seldom - use Ȝogh to represent insular G. I know Ȝogh doesn't belong to Old English, but it imitates it. I feel sorry for insular g, of course, it's unfair :( There pages with Ƿynn and Ȝogh and I guess sometimes I get inspited by them, I like it so much when I come across this pages.

I think this Ƿikipǣdia is special. I love its main page, it's logo (oh my God, I couldn't belive my eyes when I fist saw it! It's the best Wiki logo for me) and when I visit other Wikis I always miss this one.

By the way, there are already more than 3,000 pages here! It's should be celebrated somehow, Latin Wikipedia made a picture when it hit 100,000 articles. 3,000 is not 100,000 but it's surely a lot. I know 3,000 pages happen thanks to Hogweard (when I came here there were about 2,984, I don't really remeber, but certanly less than 3,000) who creates new articles in the present time. We have different opinions about orthography, but I think he's a great editor, he's done so much for this Ƿikipǣdia, he's been here for years and he keeps doing this work now. Also I noticed Jackmarriott26 writes new articles, and now this Ƿikipǣdia has 3,014 pages!

My edits mean a world for me, I leave in neverending fear that they all can be undone and I would do nothing to save them. My heart drops every time a see a new message or alert, because new message most likely means new trouble and new alert more troubles (Media Wiki with its survey hit me 3 times,I was like: "Oh man, I almost had a heart attack!" Lol). Now I'm more calm when I log in, but I used hold my breath untill I see there are no messages or alerts and then I could breathe out with relief.

You would say: "what you do is not hard", and yes, I would agree with you. But sometimes it gets exhausting, and there a long articiles, I mean, really long. And it's not even weeks, it's months of work.

Random facts about me, I don't like to give much infromation (yeah, I know no one is interested, but anyway)
Favotite season - winter (actually, I love all season, but when it comes to this question I always say "winter"
Favorite food - Italian and Japaneese kitchen
Favorite berries - raspberry
Favorite trees - oak, fir trees, ash, rowan
Favorite animals - rodents (mice and rats), bats, cats, lions, deer, and birds of course :)

I'm interested in animash (creating videos using animated movies or pictures), I also like making picture collages. I have a dream to make an animash with Old English poem but I'm afraid to somehow make it seems not right. I'm also that afraid people century ago who wrote these poems (if they had been here) wouldn't understand it and even be offended. I deeply respect them and would never wanted to make them feel like that, even though they're long time gone, but they still live in these poems and manuscripts.

And, finally, "song of the mood". That's how I called this topic 'cuase I'll be posting here a name of the song I'd like to listen right now / get addictive too. I'm sure no one cares, but perhaps you'll find a new song. I'll be changing this topic. (And add Stǣr (History) of it, so the songs won't be forgotten)
Stǣr ( 1.Tom Odell - Another Love, 2. We The Kings - Every Single Dollar, 3. Twenty One Pilots - Forest, 4. Adele - Someone like you, 5. Florence + The Machine - No Light, No Light, 6. Sonique - Sky, 7. Ed Sheeran - Galway Girl, Simple Plan - What If, 8.Imagine Dragons - Warriors, 9.Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness, 10. Nick Lachey - What's left of me)
I guess this is the end of my visual edits, PiRSquared17 has fixed the option that didn't work before (for me) and now every page can be shown with Ƿynn (and Ȝogh) in a moment, my edits became unneeded. It's a great thing this option works, it really helped this Ƿikipǣdia much more that my edits.
I only wish capital G would stay as it is in 'ȝƿ', not to be changed into capital Ȝogh, while small g becomes small ȝ. I was about to suggest that but was stoped by the thought that there can be people who like the 'ȝƿ' option the way it is now and they don't want these changes. And honestly I don't think it's technically possible. So I'll write it only here (perhaps I should really suggest it but I'm not so sure yes)
I will be coming here to see if this site is okay or what's new but not for edits, it lost its purpose. And here's my last song of the mood, 'cause I don't think updating this topis would make any sense:

Song of the mood: Ed Sheeran - Happier

I'm sorry if I was a bother or made mistakes, I've been living my life here with best intensions. So, Ƿesaþ ᵹe hāle everyone!