Fram Wikipǣdian

Þis is efenlǣcung þæs hēafodhelptrametes æt Meta. Ne ādiht þisne tramet. Ādihtunga bēoþ forloren in þǣre nīehstan ednīwunge of þǣm hēafodtramete. Sēo þone fōtdǣl for furðran gefrǣge ymbe ādihtunge þæs helpes.

Editing overview

Starting a new page

  1. Page name


  1. Bendas
  2. Piped bendas
  3. Interwiki linking
  4. Variables
  5. URLs
  6. Anchors
  7. Footnotes


  1. Formulas
  2. Lists
  3. Tables
  4. HTML in wikitext
  5. Image & File uploads
  6. Image page


  1. Sections
  2. Templates
  3. Categories
  4. Edlǣdunga
  5. Namanstedas
  6. Renaming (moving) a page

Fixing mistakes and vandalism

  1. Reverting edits
  2. Testing

Saving effort

  1. Editing shortcuts
  2. Editing toolbar
  3. Magic words


  1. Edit summary
  2. Mōtungtramet
  3. Edit conflict
  4. Minor edit

Syndrige bōcstafas

  1. Rūnstafas
  2. Turkish characters
  3. Romanian characters


  1. WikiHiero syntax — warning: lots of images! (for Egyptian hieroglyphs)
  2. EasyTimeline syntax

Frequently Asked Questions


Þǣr sind tū cynn mōtungtrameta - standard talk pages are used to discuss an article, whilst user talk pages are used to communicate with other users or leave them messages. Every page has an associated talk page, except pages in the Special: namespace. If there is no discussion of a page, the link to its talk page will be red. You can still discuss the page - you will just be the first person to do so.

Accessing a talk page[adiht | adiht fruman]

To access a talk page look for a link labelled Talk, Discussion or Discuss this page. These links will be found either at the top of the page or on the left hand side (near Edit this page).

A talk page adds Talk: to the beginning of the main page's title. If the main page has a prefix then talk is added after this prefix. For example, a talk page associated with the main article namespace simply has the prefix Talk:, while a talk page associated with the user namespace has the prefix User talk:. This article is in the Help: namespace, so the talk page for this article is Help talk:Talk page. The Main Page is in the main namespace (because it has no prefix), so its talk page is simply Talk:Main Page.

After someone else edits your user talk page, the alert "You have new messages" is automatically displayed on all pages you view, until you view your user page.

Bryce mōtungtrameta[adiht | adiht fruman]

You should sign your contributions by typing three or four tildes (~~~ = Username)
(~~~~ = Username 19:36, 10 January 2006 (UTC)). See Help:Automatic conversion of wikitext.

When discussing the name of the page or discussing merging it with another page, always mention the current page name: after renaming (moving) a page, references to "this page name" would not make sense.

On a talk page, "this page" usually refers to the main page (i.e. the page the talk page is associated with). If the talk page itself is referred to, write "this talk page".

The "Post a comment" feature allows convenient appending of a section with the section header the same as the edit summary, and typed only once.

This also works on other pages as well, though there is no link displayed, so you will need to use the URL, e.g.

See also:[adiht | adiht fruman]


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