Help:Trametes nama

Fram Wikipǣdian
(Edlǣded of Help:Page name)

A Page name (Trametes nama) the title of any page on Wicipædia. A page is named for the convenience of linking to it by its title.

Therefore choose a page name which is the most natural name of the article, and in a form which other users can guess would be the form so that their links work. Use the nominative case.

Trametes nama is se nama æt þæs trametes hēafde on ælcum tramete on Wicipædie. Swylc nama is gedaflic þe man mōt hlencan þærto be his naman.

Forðan cies swylc nama se is his cwīðendlicost nama þe is for brūcendum īþrǣde and is amēten þe hiera hlencas sindon frumfulla. Gief þisne naman in his nemnigendlicum cāsus.