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List of abbreviations:
Adihtung of Wikidata
Þeos adihtung scop niwne tramet (seoh eac getæl niwra trameta)
Þeos is lytel adihtung
Searuþræl fremede þas adihtunge
Þæs trametes micelness wæs andwended þys rime greatbitena
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  • N Pet Sounds 10:23 +9182001:4c4e:1d15:f00:7029:91bc:a8c0:b0d9 motung(Nīwe tramet: '''Pet Sounds''' is sēo lēoþgaderung þæs The Beach Boys. == Sangbred ==  : 1. ''Wouldn’t It Be Nice'' (Brian Wilson, Tony Asher, Mike Love) – 2:22 : 2. ''You Still Believe in Me'' (Brian Wilson, Tony Asher) – 2:33 : 3. ''That’s Not Me'' (Brian Wilson, Tony Asher) – 2:27 : 4. ''Don’t Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)'' (Brian Wilson, Tony Asher) – 2:52 : 5. ''I’m Waiting for the Day'' (Brian Wilson, Mike Love) – 3:01 : 6. ''Let’s Go Away for Awhi...) Tag: Visual edit
  • N The Beach Boys 10:19 +1,3512001:4c4e:1d15:f00:7029:91bc:a8c0:b0d9 motung(Nīwe tramet: thumb|300x300px '''The Beach Boys''' wæs Americanisc wealcdrēamtrēpe þe wæs gestaðolod on Hawhtrone þæs 1961. Þæs trēpes gecūðost hādas wǣron Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Dennis Wilson, Carl Wilson, David Marks, Bruce Johnston. Dennis Wilson ƿæs ofscoten þæs 1983, and Carl Wilson ƿæs ofscoten þæs 1998. == Discography == * ''Surfin’ Safari'' (1962) * ''Surfin’ U.S.A.'' (1963) * ''Surfer Girl'' (1963) *...) Tag: Visual edit

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