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Tītul[adiht fruman]

WiciGeweorc Gēar

Intinganbrǣdnes[adiht fruman]

This WikiProject aims primarily to formalise the unofficial standard used for creating year pages. Results should be transferred to Wikipedia:Timeline standards.

Cynnreccennes[adiht fruman]

Se ealdor þisses ǷiciGeƿeorces is þæt ǷiciGeƿeorc Tīd.

Æftergengena ǷiciGeƿeorc[adiht fruman]

Gelīc ǷiciGeƿeorc[adiht fruman]

Midƿyrceras[adiht fruman]

Bisenung[adiht fruman]

Hƿæt þu ƿrītst Hƿæt hit macaþ For hƿǣm hit is
Gēar: [[{{{cpa}}}{{{da}}}0 {{{in?}}}|{{{cpa}}}{{{da}}}0]] [[{{{cpa}}}{{{da}}}1 {{{in?}}}|{{{cpa}}}{{{da}}}1]] [[{{{cpa}}}{{{da}}}2 {{{in?}}}|{{{cpa}}}{{{da}}}2]] [[{{{cpa}}}{{{da}}}3 {{{in?}}}|{{{cpa}}}{{{da}}}3]] [[{{{cpa}}}{{{da}}}4 {{{in?}}}|{{{cpa}}}{{{da}}}4]]
[[{{{cpa}}}{{{da}}}5 {{{in?}}}|{{{cpa}}}{{{da}}}5]] [[{{{cpa}}}{{{da}}}6 {{{in?}}}|{{{cpa}}}{{{da}}}6]] [[{{{cpa}}}{{{da}}}7 {{{in?}}}|{{{cpa}}}{{{da}}}7]] [[{{{cpa}}}{{{da}}}8 {{{in?}}}|{{{cpa}}}{{{da}}}8]] [[{{{cpa}}}{{{da}}}9 {{{in?}}}|{{{cpa}}}{{{da}}}9]]
Gēartīenas: {{{dp3}}} {{{dp2}}} {{{dp1}}} - {{{d}}} - {{{dn1}}} {{{dn2}}} {{{dn3}}}
Gēarhundredu: [[{{{cpa}}}{{{cpb}}}]] - {{{c}}} - {{{cn1}}}
The Infobox for year pages.
WiciGeweorc Gēar be intingan:
Spell: ÆGē - Sol - Hrē - Ēas - Þri - Sēr
Mǣd - Wēo - Hāl - Win - Blō - Gēo
Cræftas Cræftigancræft - Art - Literature
Music - Film - Television - Home video
Politics Corennessa - Btþ'e lǣderas - Politics - Rīca lǣderas
Lār/Searu Flygecræft - Bēamrāda - Lārcræft
Land Canada - India - Irac - Īrland - Sūþ Africa
Ōðer Dēaðas - Gamenung - Ǣfæste lǣderas - Gamen
The topic infobox for year pages.
Þis gewrit is dǣl þæs WiciGeweorces Gēar, onginn tō beterienne and tō efnienne gewritu sibb Gēarum. Gif þu woldest dǣlniman, þonne þu canst ādihtan þæt gewrit gefæstnod tō þissum tramete, oþþe nēos þone geweorces tramet, hwǣr þu canst in þæt geweorc fēgan and/oþþe forðian tō þǣre mōtunge.
The project notice, designed to be placed in the talk page of any article that has been edited as part of the Years WikiProjects.

Year in Topic boxes[adiht fruman]

Each century has a different year in topic box, depending on how much information is available in Wikipedia. The following have been created so far:

Centuries previous to these still need a Year in topic box to be created. It has not yet been decided how many should be created. See talk page and survey for discussions.

Example Year[adiht fruman]

Warning: The following example is a bare bones idea of how a year page should look. If you believe something is missing want to add it to "2004", please don't edit this page but go to 2004.

Infobox[adiht fruman]

Each year should have an infobox at the top right. The templates will be the template {{yearbox}} followed by the template {{C21YearInTopic}} (or applicable centuries template, see above).

 in?= |
 cpa=20 |
 cpb=th Century|
 c=[[21st century]] |
 cn1=[[22nd century]] |

 dp3=[[1970s]] |
 dp2=[[1980s]] |
 dp1=[[1990s]] |
 d=[[2000s]] |
 da=0 |
 dn1=[[2010s]] |
 dn2=[[2020s]] |
 dn3=[[2030s]] |

Intro Section[adiht fruman]

The first sentence in the introduction explains that the page is for a year and not a number. This statement should only be include if the number is on the List of numbers page. The second introduction sentence will describe the year (a link to a calendar) and the type of calendar the year bellongs to. The following sentence lists any official designation the year has.

''This article is about the year 2004. For other uses of 2004, see [[2004 (number)]]:''

'''2004''' is a [[leap year starting on Thursday]] of the [[Gregorian calendar]]. It was designated the:

*''International Year of [[Rice]]'' (by the [[United Nations]])
*''International Year to Commemorate the Struggle against [[Slavery]] and its Abolition'' (by [[UNESCO]])
*''Year of the Monkey'' (by the [[Chinese calendar]])

'''See [[The world in 2004]] for a description of the state of the world in this year.'''

Sections[adiht fruman]

Events[adiht fruman]

The events section is divided into months, each month has a calendar at the beginning and lists any important events that occured. The month header links to the particular month in the year (eg. January 2004) and each item links to the day.

{{Year D 1}}
===[[January 2004|January]]===
* [[January 3]] - [[Flash Airlines Flight 604]] crashes into the [[Red Sea]] off the coast of [[Egypt]], killing all 148 aboard.
* [[January 4]] - [[Mikhail Saakashvili]] wins the presidential elections in [[Georgia (country)|Georgia]].
* [[January 4]] - [[NASA]]'s [[MER-A]] (''Spirit'') lands on [[Mars (planet)|Mars]].

{{Year DC 2}}
===[[February 2004|February]]===
* [[February 1]] - A [[hajj]] stampede in [[Mina, Saudi Arabia|Mina]], [[Saudi Arabia]], kills 251 pilgrims.

{{Year C 3}}
===[[March 2004|March]]===

{{Year C 4}}
===[[April 2004|April]]===

{{Year C 5}}
===[[May 2004|May]]===

{{Year C 6}}

{{Year C 7}}

{{Year C 8}}

{{Year C 9}}

{{Year C 10}}

{{Year C 11}}
===[[November 2004|November]]===

{{Year C 12}}
===[[December 2004|December]]===

Byrda dǣl[adiht fruman]

The Byrda dǣl lists ealla byrda in þǣm gēare, gedǣled in mōnþa dǣlas. Each entry links to the day page, has a very short description of the person, and links to the death year if known.

===Se Æfterra Gēola===
*[[21 Æfterra Gēola]] - [[Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway]]
*[[21 Æfterra Gēola]] - [[ōðer nama]] (d. [[2005]])


Dēaða dǣl[adiht fruman]

The deaths section begins with a see also statement, and follows the same format as the births section: Month section, day link, name, and birth year link if known.

'''For more deaths see: [[Deaths in 2004]]'''

*[[January 27]] - [[Jack Paar]], American television show host (b. [[1918]])

*[[December 28]] - [[Jerry Orbach]], American actor (b. [[1935]]) 
*[[December 28]] - [[Susan Sontag]], American writer and activist (b. [[1933]])

[adiht fruman]

It has not yet been decided what else will be included on the year pages. Many currently have sections for awards, fiction, external links etc. These sections may be removed (or more likely moved to a seperate page to be included on the infobox) later, but for now the following form can be followed to close out the page.

== External link==