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1786Peter Leopold Joseph, Grand Duke of Tuscany, promulgated a penal reform that made his country the first sovereign state to abolish the death penalty. Tagged with {{refimprove}}
1829 – The first Welland Canal opened, allowing ships to travel between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario and bypass the Niagara Falls. unreferenced section
19361936Se Cristallisca Reced, getimbrod for þæm Micel Exhibition of 1851 on Lundene, wæs be fyre adileged and eall forbærned. refimprove section
1953Ēadweard Mutesa II, Buganda Brego wæs ahweorfen and gesended on wræcce to Lundene be Andrew Cohen Cniht, Ugandan Ealdorman. unreferenced section
1954 – The first recorded case of a human being injured by an extraterrestrial object took place in Sylacauga, Alabama, US, when a meteorite crashed through a roof and hit a sleeping woman. unreferenced section; article also says first in US, which is not that significant
1999Protests by anti-globalization activists against the World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference in Seattle forced the cancellation of its opening ceremonies. neutrality disputed

Eligible[adiht fruman]

  • 1872 – The first-ever international football match took place at Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow, between Scotland and England.
  • 1939 – The Winter War broke out as the Soviet Red Army invaded Finland and quickly advanced to the Mannerheim Line, an action judged as illegal by the League of Nations.
  • 1942World War II: Imperial Japanese Navy warships defeated United States Navy forces during a nighttime naval battle near the Tassafaronga area on Guadalcanal.
  • 1947 – As the United Nations voted to terminate the British Mandate of Palestine, civil war broke out between the region's Jewish and Arab communities.
  • 1962 – Burmese diplomat U Thant became United Nations Secretary-General, following the death of Dag Hammarskjöld in September 1961.
  • 1982Michael Jackson's Thriller, the best-selling album of all time, was released.
  • 1993U.S. President Bill Clinton signed the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act into law, requiring purchasers of handguns to pass a background check.
  • 2005John Sentamu was enthroned as Archbishop of York, becoming the first member of an ethnic minority to serve as an archbishop in the Church of England. Bysen:Divhide 30. dæg Blotmonðes: Sundorrīcesdæg in Barbadose (1966); Bonifacio Dæg in the Philippines; Halgan Andreas Dæg on Scottum.

    Se Cristallisca Reced

  • 1700Micel Norþernum Gewinn: Sweonisc þreat under Carl XII Sweona Cyning hæfde sige ofer Russum, þa wæron under Petre þæm Miclan æt Narfabeadwe.
  • 1853 – Russisca wigscipu under Paulus Nakhimov brytte Oþomanisc fleot of snaccum æt Sinope Sæfeohte, and þes dæd ongann þone Taurican Gewinn.
  • 1934 – Se steam mihta Fleogend Scyttiscmann weard se ærrsta in witena bōcum to oferstgenne hund mīla in stunde.
  • 1936Se Cristallisca Reced, getimbrod for þære Miclan Wæfernesse of 1851 on Lundene, wæs be fyre adileged and eall forbærned.
  • 1979Se Weall, stænen gliwgeweorc and cunnung hwitboc be Pink Floyd, wæs ærrste aliesed.