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Gelicnesse[adiht fruman]

Bryce AN biliþ æt anum cyrre

Ineligible[adiht fruman]

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World Hello Day; World Television Day; stubs
1783 – The first successful untethered flight by humans in a hot air balloon was made by Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier and François Laurent d'Arlandes in Paris. Hot air balloon has unreferenced section; History of ballooning has multiple issues; Pilâtre de Rozier has no footnotes; d'Arlandes has no references
1962 – The Sino-Indian War ended after the Chinese People's Liberation Army declared a unilateral ceasefire and withdrew to the prewar Line of Actual Control, returning all the territory they had captured during the conflict. neutrality disputed
1977 – "God Wearde Nīw Sǣland" weard Nīwes Sǣlandes second national anthem, on equal standing with "God Save the Queen", which had been the traditional one since 1840. POTD for 2012
1996 – A propane explosion at the Humberto Vidal shoe store in Río Piedras, San Juan, Puerto Rico, killed 33 people and wounded 69 others when the building collapsed. no footnotes

Eligible[adiht fruman]

  • 1386Turcisc-Mongolisc gehiersumend Timur captured and sacked the Georgian capital of Tiflis, and be niede under wæpnum wendod Bagrat V Cyning to Alladome.
  • 1894Forma Seringisc-Iapanisc Gūþ: Se Iapanisca Oðer Here slog mar þon 1,000 Seringisc fēðan and burgmenn in Lüshunkou ceastre.
  • 1910 – The crews of the Brazilian warships Bysen:Ship, Bysen:Ship, Bysen:Ship, and Deodoro mutinied in what became known as the Revolt of the Lash.
  • 1920Irisc Sundorhād Gewinn: On Blōdig Sunnandæg in Difeline, the Irish Republican Army killed more than a dozen members of the "Cairo Gang", and menn þæs Cynelican Īriscan Burgweardscipe opened fire during a Gaelic football match in Croke Park.
  • 1964 – The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, connecting Staten Island and Brooklyn in New York City, opened to traffic as the longest suspension bridge in the world at the time.
  • 1970Fietnam Gūþ: Americisc þrēat ongann Elpendbānrīm Operation, raiding the Son Tay prison camp in Son Tay on Norþfietname, in an attempt to rescue about 70 American Herenuman þa wæron þær gehealden swa hogde man. Bysen:Divhide 21. dæg Blotmonðes: Wæpned Þreatna Dæg on Bængladesce

    Iohannes Diefenbaker

  • 1918 – Polisc þreat and menn ongannon þriedæg Iudeasæglǣc wiþ Iudeum and Ucrægniscum Cristenum in Lembyrig (seo is nu on Ucrægnlande).
  • 1950 – Twegen farenfolgoþ collided near Ualemount on Brittiscum Columbie on Canadan; þæt æfterfolgende trial catapulted future Forma Þegn of Canada John Diefenbaker (in biliðe) in the political limelight.
  • 1974 – Byrstendstuf geseted in twæm midburg bēorhūsum on Beormingahame on Wæringscīre, ofslōgon 21 menn and deroden 182, and hwīlum hæfted burgweard siexe weras þā wæron in cacere gefestnod.
  • 1980 – Ofer 83 þūsand þūsanda manna watched þone Dallas fearrsēon episode "Hwā Dyde Hit" to afindenne "Hwā gescēat J. R.?".
  • 2009abyrstung in cōl orre æt Heilongjiang on Seringum, slōg 108 orrwyhtan.