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Bryce AN biliþ on ælc cyrre

Ineligible[adiht fruman]

Blurb Reason
1971Intel released the 4004 4-bit central processing unit, the world's first commercially available microprocessor, capable of executing approximately 60,000 instructions per second. Refimprove, original research
1976René Lévesque and the Parti Québécois took power to become the first Quebec government of the 20th century that was clearly in favour of independence from Canada. refimprove
1985Northern Ireland peace process: British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and the Irish Taoiseach Garret FitzGerald signed the Anglo-Irish Agreement, giving the Irish Government an advisory role in Northern Ireland's government. unreferenced section

Eligible[adiht fruman]

15. dæg Blotmonðes: Cynewīsan Dæg in Brasile (1889); Shichi-Go-San on Iapanþēode

William Tecumseh Sherman