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Mortal Engines (film)

Fram Wikipǣdian
Mortal Engines
Beboden be Christian Rivers
Ƿorht be
Glīƿdrēam be Tom Holkenborg[1]
Cinematography Simon Raby
Ādihtend be Jonno Woodford-Robinson
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Ālīesend date(s) Bysen:Film date
Gān tīd 128 minutes[4]
  • New Zealand
  • United States
Sprǣc English
Budget $100–150 million[5]
Gross revenue $83.7 million[6]

Mortal Engines is 2018 eȝe-lufu film þe Christian Rivers ƿorhte and bebēad, fram þǣre bēċ Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve numen.

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