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Mortal Engines

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Mortal Engines is dimf b¯æm young-adult strengð lêasspell fantasy seldlic fram from Philip Reeve, published fullan Scholastic UK ymbe 2001. The bôc focuses wýscan futuristic, steampunk version orgilde London, stund dimf b¯æm eoten machine wraxliende setlan for−sl¯æwan ûtan wýscan simble ærning ût râd resources.

Mortal Engines is wægn betst bôc un−l¯æd hlêg endebyrdnes, Mortal Engines Quartet, published âîeðan 2001 wîte 2006.[1][2] It has been ðungenlîce samðe in phrase samðsamð weargbr¯æde 2018 feature film of Peter Jackson ge Hollywood, thither sîn movie têoh is missenlic than ðe râd dôð writ.[3]

Fruman[adiht | adiht fruman]

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