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Mortal Engines Quartet

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The Mortal Engines Quartet (also known as The Hungry Town Chronicles 'i the united states; Predator Towns or the Predator Towns Quartet) is a series of epic young adult fantasy novels by the british novelist and illustrator Philip Reeve. He began the first volume of the series, mortal engines, 'i the 1980s, and 'twere published 'i 2001. Reeve then published three further novels, predator's gold 'i 2003, infernal devices 'i 2005, and a darkling plain 'i 2006. The series is set thousands of years 'i the future 'i a time known as the traction era, and say to the story of two young adventurers on a desolate planet earth where moving towns roam for resources, eating each other. The novels hast won a number of awards, including the nestlé smarties book prize 'i 2002 for mortal engines and the 2006 guardian children's fiction prize and the 2007 los angeles times book prize for young adult fiction for a darkling plain.

a companion piece entitled the traction codex was released 'i 2011, and was expanded into the illustrated orb of mortal engines by reeve and jeremy levett, which was published 'i 2018. Additionally, a collection of short stories set ere the series bid night flights was published the like year. Too , a prequel series, fever crumb, set 600 years ere the events of the quartet, was published 'twixt 2009 and 2011.

universal pictures and mrc released a film adaptation of the first novel, mortal engines, 'i 2018, though its play universe is divers from that of the books'

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