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  • I suspect that an Anglo-Saxon word for "chess" would be "scāc-": This and similar word for "chess" and "check" started with Persian "shāh" = "king", and spread across Islam to Europe in that form. European languages were fairly consistent in having a vowel ā : Icelandic skák, medieval German schâch (which coincided with a native German word meaning "robbery"), Medieval Latin scacus, etc. Anthony Appleyard 14:32, 24 Hāligmōnaþ 2009 (UTC)
Yeah that's what it's intended as, the e used to show that the sc- is to be sh, as opposed to sk (when coupled with a back-vowel), as taught by Professor Peter S Baker of UVA. Thus sceac would indeed sound like shock (the e and a being separate, not combined as a diphthong as we're used to seeing).