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Alright, I was having a little fun respelling these words. French and Modern English spell them differently, but if you want to change some of them back to Modern English, I won't be offended. Countries where English is the main language, I changed the spelling to reflect the pronunciation (like "Grenēda"). For the others, I just added an accent (OE used the macron on foreign words for this), changed v to f, c to s where soft, and made sure the endings made sense. Maybe I will unlink some names later, since the islands are not important enough for a page, but do make a nice list. -->

In Bosworth and Toller, I searched for "saint" and nearly every time there was a name involved, Sanctus/Sancta was used before that name (see b0493 under Guthlac for the exception) and Sanct otherwise. When no name was mentioned, "se hálga" or "séo hálge" was used (except in the definition for "ferian", b0283). I'd recommend using Sanctus/Sancta here with the names, like Lucia-->

Good, but I reversed beatification of Nevis and Micquelon and changed "Michael" to a phonetic spelling of the latter. Walda 04:59, 23 Blōtmōnaþ 2005 (UTC) -->