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Windows Vista

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Windows Vista
Part of the Microsoft Windows family
Biliþ þæs Windows Vista RC1 (bytlung 5600)
Website www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/
Preview release Release Candidate 1 (Build 5600) (1 Hāligmōnaþ 2006)Bysen:Sp[info]
Source model Geclysed fruma
License Microsoft EULA
Kernel type Hybrid kernel
Support status
Nū under geƿeorce. Gedihted tælgemearc is in Blōtmōnþe 2006 for bysignessa fadungum and in þǣm Æfterran Gēolan 2007 for bycgera fadunga.[1]
Further reading

Microsoft Windows Vista is se nama þǣre nīehstan fadunge þæs ƿeorcfremmendes Microsoft Windows, gebrocen on syndrigmanna spearcatella.

  1. A press release detailing the release schedule was posted to Microsoft's PressPass website on March 21 2006: Microsoft Updates Windows Vista Road Map
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