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Wikipǣdia:In the news section on the Main Page

Fram Wikipǣdian

Þæt In þǽm tídungum tódál on þǽm Main Page hæfþ suma forsetednessa, ealla þá þe (wé hopiaþ) fullǽstaþ þá middelforsetednesse Wicipǽdian-- þá sceappunge wundorfulre wísdómbéc. Þæt tódál mentions and links to entries of timely interest that are (and this is crucial) nonetheless encyclopedia articles that have been updated to reflect an important current event - not news items. Please follow the guidelines ǽr þǽm þe þú edníwest þæt 'In the news' tódál on þǽm Héafodtramete.

Wicipǽdia nis webbtídungléaf; but many Wikipedians are motivated to create and edit entries of timely interest, and because Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia, it does a much better job with entries of timely interest (or recent events of historical importance) than a "dead tree" encyclopedia.

Current version of this section on the Main Page:

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Criteria for adding entries[adiht fruman]

Þæt In þǽm tídungum tódál sceolde habban 3-5 recent entries that are linked from the Current events timeline and have been updated to reflect the important new event. Any change made to Template:In the news immediately updates the 'In the news' section on the Main Page. See above for the current listing. Criteria for listing on the Main Page:

  1. be listed on the current events page
  2. the current event needs to be important enough to warrant updating the corresponding article
  3. should ideally be stories of an international interest.
  4. þæt gewrit sceal béon edníwod tó reflect the new information and a have a recent date linked (but remember: Wikipedia is not a news report so relatively small news items should not be put into articles; þus those type of news items should not be displayed on the Main Page)
  5. a short headline should be written for the current event and the article that was updated based on the current event should be bolded.
  6. án and ánlic án onlícnes sceolde béon befangen on Template:In the news æt ǽnigre ánfealdre tíde. It should be no more than 100 pixels wide, be right justified, and have alt text. This can be done by enclosing the image code in <div style="float:right"> </div> and adding |100px| followed by the alt text inside the image code, for example: <div style="float:right">[[Image:example-photo.jpeg|100px|This is an example]]</div>. The use of the "|right" extended image markup should be avoided, since under the current MediaWiki parser it results in unsightly and unsymmetrical white borders around images on the coloured Main Page sections.

(A historical note: the section began with the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack entries put up within minutes of the attacks. The entries led to a massive infusion of interest in the project.)