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Gelicnessa[adiht fruman]

Bryce AN biliþ on ælc cyrre

Ineligible[adiht fruman]

Blurb Reason
1667Second Anglo-Dutch War: The Dutch began the Raid on the Medway, attacking the largest English naval ships in the dockyards of their main naval base near Chatham. refimprove section
1885 – In the peace treaty signed to end the Sino-French War, Qing forces withdrew from Tonkin, allowing France to occupy it and Annam (most of present-day Vietnam). refimprove section
1915 – Unhappy with U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt's handling of the Bysen:RMS sinking, William Jennings Bryan resigned as Secretary of State. neutrality issues, refimprove section
1934Donald Duck debuted in The Wise Little Hen. refimprove section
1946Bhumibol Adulyadej, the world's longest-reigning current monarch, ascended to the throne of Thailand. biographical refimprove section

Eligible[adiht fruman]

Notes[adiht fruman]

9. dæg Searmonðes: Sctes Columban mǣssedæg on Īrum

Charles Kingsford Smith

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