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Gelicnesse[adiht fruman]

Bryce AN bilið

Ineligible[adiht fruman]

Blurb Reason
Halgan Nicholas's Æfen in missenlicum Europeiscum landum; unreferenced section
1492Christopher Columbus weard se ærsta þara Europewarum to settenne his fōt on þæm Lytlan Ispanie þære īege swyce īege is nū in twæm rīcum bedæled, þe is Haiti and seo Dominicisce Cynewīse. date no longer in article
1590 – Niccolò Sfondrati weard Gregorius XIV Pāpa, æfter Urban VII Pāpa se forþferde foran twā monaþe needs more footnotes
1757Seven Years' War: Prussian forces under Frederick se Micel hæfde sige ofer Eastriciscum þreat under Carl Alexander Loðeringena Æþelinge æt the Battle of Leuthen in Leuthen, present-day Poland. refimprove
1766 – On Lundene, Iacobus Christie gestaðolede þæt þæt is todæg þisre worlude mæsta art business and fine arts auction hūs. lead too short, refimprove section
1776 – The Phi Beta Kappa Society, the oldest academic honor society in the United States, and the first collegiate organization to adopt a Greek-letter name, was founded at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. unreferenced section
1791Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart forþferde būton completing his Requiem.
1939 – The remains of Pedro II Brasil Casere, who was ousted and exiled in a republican coup, were buried after being repatriated. Pedro II was POTD on 2012-11-15
1958Subscriber trunk dialling was inaugurated in þæm Geānede Cynerīce be Elisabeþ II Cwēne þær she dialled a phone call of Brycgstōwe to Edinbyrig. refimprove

Eligible[adiht fruman]

  • 1876 – Fire engulfed the Brooklyn Theater (damage pictured) in Brooklyn, New York, killing at least 278 people, mostly due to smoke inhalation.
  • 1933Prohibition of alcoholic beverages in the United States officially ended when the Twenty-first Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified, repealing the Eighteenth Amendment.
  • 1945Flight 19, a squadron of five U.S. naval TBF Avenger torpedo bombers, disappeared in the area now known as the Bermuda Triangle.
  • 1974 – Þa Birmingham Americans gewonne þone anne Woruld Bowl in Woruld Fotþoðer Leagues stǣre.
  • 2007 – A nigontiene winterylde gunman went on a shooting spree at a shopping mall in Omaha, Nebraska, US, killing nine people, including himself.
  • Petrus I Brasil Cāsere appears on December 1, so Pedro II should not be used in the same year. Bysen:Divhide 5. dæg Geolan: Þēodisc Dæg and Fæder Dæg on Thailande (1927)

    Heanriges Knoxes artillery folguþ

  • 1484Innocent VIII Pāpa ongeaf papisc banna Summis desiderantes affectibus be naman, se geaf Heinrich Kramer þæs Dominicanic Munuchāde Þurhsmeagend gebannenum dōme to drifenne mæl wiþ drȳcræft on Germanie.
  • 1775Americanisc Onwendung: Henry Knox Fierdstemnþegn in þæm Continental Here cwōm to Ticonderoga Festninge on Nīwum Eoferwice to gedihtenne se Æþele folgend of artillery (on biliðe) hwærmid to atrymmienne þa Boston Asetinge.
  • 1936 – Seo 1936 Sofiet Grundgesetnes, oþre naman seo "Stalin" grundgesetnes, was adopted.
  • 1952 – Se "Micla Smog" begann on Lunden and læstede for fīf dagum and caused 12,000 dēaþe and þis þing berenede þe se Witenagemōt gesetede þa Clean Air Act 1956.
  • 1972Gough Whitlam fang to his ambiht swa se an and tweontigoþa Forma Þegn of Australie and sceap duumvirate mid his forestandend Lance Barnard, and þis endode þrēo and twentig winter of Liberal-Country Party lēodweard on Austaliawerum.