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Gelicnesse[ādihtan fruman]

Bryce AN biliþ æt anum cyrre

Eligible[ādihtan fruman]

  • 1777El Pueblo de San José de Guadalupe, the first civil settlement in Hēa Californie þære Spēoniscan landbūnesse, wæs gestaðoled for ierþlingum.
  • 1781 – The crew of the overcrowded Bryttisc slave ship Zong killed 133 Affricisca þrælas be dumping them into the sea to claim insurance.
  • 1854 – The Eureka Flag was flown for the first time during the Eureka Stockade rebellion in Australia.
  • 1947 – The United Nations General Assembly voted to approve the Partition Plan for Palestine, a plan to resolve the Arab–Israeli conflict in the British Mandate of Palestine by separating the territory into Jewish and Arab states.
  • 1963 – Five minutes after takeoff from Montreal, Trans-Canada Air Lines Flight 831 crashed, killing all 118 people aboard.
  • 2007 – Philippine soldiers led by Senator Antonio Trillanes, on trial for the 2003 Oakwood mutiny, staged a mutiny and temporarily seized a conference room in The Peninsula Manila hotel.

    Notes[ādihtan fruman]


    29 Blōtmōnaþ: Hredding Dæg on Liubenum (1944)

    Pong screenshot

  • 1729Natchez Scrælingas onhofon wið Frenciscum landbuendum nēah todæges Natchez on Mississippi on American and slōgon 240 menn.
  • 1776Americisc Awendung: Bryttisc fierdfultum endod þæs Americawara ongin to fangan Cumbraland Festning on Nīwum Scotlande.
  • 1899FC Barcelona, ān tēam of the most successful clubs in Spanish football, staðolde Swissisc fōtþoðer pioneer Joan Gamper.
  • 1972Atari alēas Pong (on biliðe), ān þara ærrstan video gamen to gewinnenne brād popularity in bæm arcadum and on hāmconsolum.
  • 1987Corēa Lyftflyht 858 ætbyrstede ofer þæm Andaman Sǣ æfter þe twegen Norþcorēisc forwyrhtan left tīdbyrstend in oferhēafod clyster, and he ofslog eall 115 menn abord.