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Gelicnessa[ādihtan fruman]

Bryce AN biliþ on ælc cyrre

Ineligible[ādihtan fruman]

Blurb Reason
1260 – The Chartres Hēafodcirice on Chartres on Francum, was dedicated in the presence of King Louis IX. unreferenced section
1360 – The Treaty of Brétigny was ratified at Calais, marking the end of the first phase of the Hundred Years' War. incomplete, refimprove
1648 – The second treaty of the Peace of Westphalia, the Treaty of Münster, was signed, ending both the Thirty Years' War and the Dutch Revolt, and officially recognizing the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands and Swiss Confederation as independent states. refimprove
1857Sheffield F.C., one of the world's oldest documented non-university football clubs, was founded. refimprove
1861 – The First Transcontinental Telegraph line across the United States was completed from Omaha, Nebraska, to Carson City, Nevada, spelling the end of the Pony Express. needs more footnotes, lead too short
1929Wall Street Crash of 1929 Featured on Winterfylleþ 29
1931 – The George Washington Bridge, today considered one of the world's busiest bridges in terms of vehicle traffic, connecting New York City to Fort Lee, New Jersey, was dedicated. refimprove section
1960 – A prototype of the Soviet R-16 intercontinental ballistic missile exploded on the launch pad at the Baikonur Cosmodrome near Tyuratam, Kazakh SSR, killing at least 90 people. needs more footnotes

Eligible[ādihtan fruman]

24 Ƿinterfylleþ : Geānlǣhteda Þēoda Dæg (1945); Sundorrīcesdæg on Sambie (1964)

Ƿilliam Lassell

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