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Gelicnessa[ādihtan fruman]

Bryce AN biliþ on ælc cyrre

Ineligible[ādihtan fruman]

Blurb Reason
Madaraka Day in Kenya stub
1670Charles II and Louis XIV signed a secret treaty, wherein England would aid France in its war against the Dutch Republic in return for French assistance in England's attempt to rejoin the Roman Catholic Church. needs more footnotes
1679 – The Scottish Covenanters defeated the forces of John Graham of Claverhouse at the Battle of Drumclog in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. refimprove
1868Long Walk of the Navajo: The United States signed the Treaty of Bosque Redondo, allowing the Navajos to return to their lands in Arizona and New Mexico. needs more footnotes
1922 – The Royal Ulster Constabulary, a police force in Northern Ireland, was founded. {{POV}}
1941World War II: After the first mainly airborne invasion in military history, Crete surrendered to Nazi Germany. lots of {{cn}} tags
1980CNN, the first television network to provide 24-hour television news coverage, was launched. refimprove section
2001 – Crown Prince Dipendra of Nepal killed King Birendra and several members of the Shah royal family in a shooting spree at the Narayanhity Royal Palace in Kathmandu. multiple issues
2005 – In their first national referendum in over two hundred years, Dutch voters rejected the ratification of the proposed Constitution of the European Union. no footnotes

Eligible[ādihtan fruman]

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