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Candlemas (Eastern Christianity); refimprove section
National Flag of Canada Day unreferenced sections
1493Christopher Columbus wrote an open letter describing his discoveries and the unexpected items he came across in the New World, which was widely distributed upon his return to Portugal. refimprove section
1942Second World War: Japanese forces led by General Tomoyuki Yamashita captured Singapore, the largest surrender of British-led military personnel in history. refimprove section, unreferenced section
1961Sabena Flight 548, carrying the U.S. Figure Skating team who were en route to the 1961 World Figure Skating Championships, crashed during the approach for landing at Brussels' Zaventem Airport, killing all seventy-two on board. more footnotes
1971 – The British pound sterling and the Irish pound were decimalised on what is called Decimal Day. refimprove section, lead too short
1976 – The current Constitution of Cuba, providing for a system of government and law based on those of the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries, was adopted by a national referendum. refimprove
1994 – Less than four years after declaring its independence from the Soviet Union, Tatarstan officially agreed to become a federal subject of Russia. refimprove section, unreferenced section
1995Kevin Mitnick, the most wanted computer hacker in the United States at the time, was arrested and charged with computer fraud and wire fraud. multiple issues

Eligible[adiht fruman]

15. dæg Solmonþes: Fanan Dæg in Canadan, Þēodisc Dæg on Serbie (1804)

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