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Ƿicipǣdian brōðra rǣdscēaƿung fremmend ȝeƿritu cūðaþ, sƿā þæt brādera clīeƿenes ādihtendas magon him betera scēaƿian, and is for fulgōd ȝeƿritu þe fela ƿeorc hæfdon, oft sƿā ȝescēad tō ȝearƿienne Fulgōdra Ȝeƿrita teohhunge. Hēo nis andƿīsra brōðra rǣdscēaƿung bȳ ƿitum in rihtum ymbehƿæte, and ȝeƿritu þe þisne fremmend þurhtīeþ, ne sculon cūþ bēon, tō bēonne mā ƿǣr þonne ǣniȝ ōðer.

Man byldeþ teohhendas tō brūcenne þā brōðra rǣdscēaƿunge frēoƿillamanna sīde, þe brūcendas hæfþ, hƿǣm man mæȝ ƿrītan on hiera brūcendsīdum for rǣdscēaƿung dǣlnimende. Man mæȝ Fremmende Ƿiciƿeorc rǣdan, oþþe þæt ȝeƿritstǣr ȝesibbodra ȝeƿrita, tō findenne ādihtendas tō helpenne rǣdscēaƿian.

For feedback on articles that are less developed, use the article's talk page or requests for feedback.

For general editing advice, see Wikipedia style guidelines, Wikipedia how-to, "How to write a great article", and "The perfect article". Content or neutrality disputes should be listed at Requests for comment.

The path to a featured article

  1. Start a new article
  2. Develop the article
  3. Check against the featured article criteria
  4. Get creative feedback
  5. Apply for featured article status
  6. Featured articles

Nomination procedure

Anyone can request peer review. Users submitting new requests are encouraged to review an article from those already listed, and encourage reviewers by replying promptly and appreciatively to comments. Nominations are limited to one per editor per day and four total open requests per editor. Articles must be free of major cleanup banners and 14 days must have passed since any previous peer review or unsuccessful FAC. For more information on these limits see here.

To add a nomination:

  1. Add {{subst:PR}} to the top of the article's talk page and save it, creating a peer review notice to notify other editors of the review.
  2. Within the notice, click where instructed to open a new peer review discussion page. If there is no such link in the notice, see this.
  3. Complete the new page as instructed. Remember to note the kind of comments/contributions you want, and/or the sections of the article you think need reviewing.
  4. Save the page with the four tildes (~~~~) at the end of your request to sign it. Your peer review will be listed automatically on this page within an hour.
  5. Consult the volunteers list for assistance. An excellent way to get reviews is to review a few other requests without responses and ask for reviews in return.

Your review may be more successful if you politely request feedback on the discussion pages of related articles; send messages to Wikipedians who have contributed to the same or a related field; and also request peer review at appropriate Wikiprojects. Please do not spam many users or projects with identical requests.

Note. You may change a topic parameter in the Bysen:Tlp template. The possible topic parameters (X in the template) are:

X = arts · langlit (language & literature) · philrelig (philosophy & religion) · everydaylife · socsci (social sciences & society) · geography · history · engtech (engineering & technology) · natsci (natural sciences & mathematics). If no topic is chosen, the article is listed with General topics.

How to remove a request

In accordance with the peer review request removal policy, you may close any

  • listings older than one month with no activity in the last two days,
  • listings inactive for two weeks (semi-automated peer reviews do not count as activity),
  • inappropriate listings,
  • articles that have become featured article or featured list candidates, and
  • nominators of peer reviews can close discussions which they initiated if they feel their concerns have been addressed,

as follows:

  1. Edit the [[Wikipedia:Peer review/ARTICLE NAME/archiveN]] page where the peer review discussion is taking place, and replace {{Peer review page|topic=topic name}} with {{subst:PR/archive}}.
  2. Replace the {{peerreview}} tag on the article's talk page with {{oldpeerreview|archive=N}}, where N is the number of the peer review discussion page above (e.g. 1 for /archive1).

The listing will automatically be removed from this page and added to the current monthly archive within an hour. Nominators can also close/withdraw their own requests, but this is discouraged for active discussions.

How to respond to a request

  • Review one of the articles below. If you think something is wrong, or could be improved, post a comment in the article's section on this page.
  • If you create a subsection within a review for your comments, please do not use level 1–3 section headings, and do not link your username, unless you preceed it with "Comments by" or a similar expression. Also please do not add horizontal rules to peer reviews.
  • The size of this page is limited. Please do not add images to peer reviews, such as the tick/cross images in {{done}}/{{notdone}} templates. Use the non-image templates, Bysen:T1/Bysen:T1, instead.
  • Please list automated peer reviews at Wikipedia:Peer review/Automated/Eastermonað 2024 and link them from the peer review page of the article: do not include them on the peer review page.
  • Feel free to improve the article yourself.

For easier navigation, a list of peer reviews, without the reviews themselves included, can be found here. A chronological peer reviews list (not sorted by topic) can be found here.

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