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Rachael Taylor

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Þis geƿrit hæfþ ƿordcƿide on Nīƿenglisce.
Sasha and Adam (Conrad Coleby) in headLand

Rachael Taylor (geboren 11 Mǣdmōnaþ, 1984) is Australisc scericge.

Geīewed in fela Americaniscum filmenmacungum - swā swā feorranfilmennu be Natalie Wood and be þǣre macunge Dynasty (þǣr plegde hēo Catherine Oxenberg), and in þǣre egsangfilmennum Mann-Þing and Sēo Nān Ȳfel - ēac plegde hēo Sasha Forbes on the short-lived Australian drama series headLand, the first time she has played a character with her natural Australian accent. On the April 3, 2006 it was announced that she had been nominated for a Logie Award for Most Popular New Female Talent for her role on headLand, in spite of the show having been removed from television 2 months earlier.

On fruman cōm hēo of Launceston, Tasmania, Rachael moved to Sydney at the age of 16 to further her acting. She studied politics and history at the University of Sydney, before deferring her Law/Arts degree to appear on headLand.

Hlȳd is þæt hēo plegþ hēafodlīċe in Transformers: The Movie, þe hine wīdmǣrsaþ on 4um Mǣdmōnþe, 2007.

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