Persisc sprǣc

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Persisc sprǣc
فارسی Fārsi
Gelōmlicu in Persealand[1], Afghanistan[1], Tacgicastan[1], Usbecastan, Irac[2], Russland[3][4], Azerbaijan][5]
Folc 70 million[6]
Ambihtlic Stede
Ambihtlicu sprǣc in Persealand, Afghanistan, Tacgicastan
Sprǣce Begīemung
ISO 639-1 fa
ISO 639-2 per, fas
ISO 639-3 fas
Glottolog fars1254
Ethnologue fas
GOST 7.75–97 пер 535
Persisc sprǣc Ƿikipǣdian
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Sēo Persisc sprǣc (on Nīƿenglisce: Persian) is Indo-Europosca sprǣc, þe on Persealanda ārās. Hēo belimpeþ, sƿā sēo Hindisce sprǣc.

Frūman[adiht | adiht fruman]

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