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Getæl nīwra worda and earfoðra worda[adiht fruman]

Note that in this list: "ȝ"=IPA "j", "ċ"=IPA "t͡ʃ", "sċ"=IPA "ʃ", and "ċȝ"=IPA "d͡ːʒ".
Note that etymologies or rationales for the Old English neologisms should be put after the Modern English translation in square brackets, like so:
  • fȳrƿǣpen (sn) - firearm, gun [calque of "firearm"]
Abbreviations used are: sm/sn/sf = strong masculine/neuter/feminine; wm/wn/wf = weak masculine/neuter/feminine; indecm/indecn/indecf = indeclinable masculine/neuter/feminine; w-dec. = w-declension; u-dec. = u declension; i-mut. = i-mutated; pl. = plural; aj = adjective; desc. = modifier for a noun (a "describer") other than an adjective; av = adverb; w1/w2/w3 = weak verb class; s1/s2/.../s7b = strong verb class.
  • fadung (sf) (authentic with new related meaning) - version ["fadung" - "a setting in order"]
  • līċhamhyrst (sf) - hardware ["līċam" - "body, hard-"+"hyrst" - "equipment, -ware"]
  • searusprecend (sm) - smartphone ["searu" - "device" (as in "smart device")+"sprecend" - "speaker/speaking tool"]
  • weorcendebyrdness (sf) - operating system ["weorc" - "work/opperation"+"endebyrdness" - "system"]
  • weorcȝewrithyrst (sf) - software ["weorcȝewrit" - "program" ["weorc" - "opperation"+"ȝewrit" - "writing, -gram"]+"hyrst" - "equipment, -ware"]

new here[adiht fruman]

Alright, my first article, so be kind. What's 'computer' again. I found this page and used circolwyrde. Is that still alright? --Santiago88 19:30, 31 Gēolmōnaþ 2008 (UTC)

Circolƿyrde is one word used; spærcletelle is another. I'm not sure which is the more commonly used neologism (maybe the former?). — Scíráþ 06:38, 1 Se Æfterra Gēola 2009 (UTC)

Between the two terms, spearcatella has more of a concrete definition, which is more fitting to the idea it describes. OE often tended to be descriptive in its naming (instead of labeling, like English is now), and the odd term circolƿyrde refers to a person. —Ƿōdenhelm 16:25, 1 Se Æfterra Gēola 2009 (UTC)