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Getæl nīwra worda and earfoðra worda[ādihtan fruman]

Note that in this list: "ȝ"=IPA "j", "ċ"=IPA "t͡ʃ", "sċ"=IPA "ʃ", and "ċȝ"=IPA "d͡ːʒ".
Note that etymologies or rationales for the Old English neologisms should be put after the Modern English translation in square brackets, like so:
  • fȳrƿǣpen (sn) - firearm, gun [calque of "firearm"]
Abbreviations used are: sm/sn/sf = strong masculine/neuter/feminine; wm/wn/wf = weak masculine/neuter/feminine; indecm/indecn/indecf = indeclinable masculine/neuter/feminine; w-dec. = w-declension; u-dec. = u declension; i-mut. = i-mutated; pl. = plural; aj = adjective; desc. = modifier for a noun (a "describer") other than an adjective; av = adverb; w1/w2/w3 = weak verb class; s1/s2/.../s7b = strong verb class.
  • fōtþōðer (sm) - football
  • Ȝeāndu (aj) Rīcu (sn pl.) - Unites States (of America)
  • gyldfōtball (sm) - association football
  • gyldfōtþōðer (sm) - association football
  • hēap (sm) (authentic with less specific meaning) - sports' team
  • hēappleȝa (wm) - team sport

Bad grammar[ādihtan fruman]

There are several things I would like to change about the name of this article:

  • clīewen is a noun, not an adjective; it should not be treated like an adjective.
  • clīewen means "sphere/ball" not "association". There are other better words to use for association, like gyld or gefērscipe or something like that. I would like to use gyld - nice and simple.
  • "ball" is an unnecessary borrowing from another language other than Old English. It was not used in OE, as far as I can find. An equivalent word in OE is: þōðer (which even has historical precedent in the context of a ballgame in OE: "Ðá ágan se cyngc plegan wið his geféran mid þóðere, and Apollonius yrnende ðone ðóðor gelǽhte")
  • In short, "Clīewen fōtball" is both grammatically bad and has a 100% unnecessary borrowing in it. I propose instead something like "gyldfōtþōðer".

Benmoreandflower.JPG  Ƿes hāl!   Fiordland Lake Marian.jpg 21:49, 15 Ēastermōnaþ 2013 (UTC)