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Getæl nīwra worda and earfoðra worda[adiht fruman]

Note that in this list: "ȝ"=IPA "j", "ċ"=IPA "t͡ʃ", "sċ"=IPA "ʃ", and "ċȝ"=IPA "d͡ːʒ".
Note that etymologies or rationales for the Old English neologisms should be put after the Modern English translation in square brackets, like so:
  • fȳrƿǣpen (sn) - firearm, gun [calque of "firearm"]
Abbreviations used are: sm/sn/sf = strong masculine/neuter/feminine; wm/wn/wf = weak masculine/neuter/feminine; indecm/indecn/indecf = indeclinable masculine/neuter/feminine; w-dec. = w-declension; u-dec. = u declension; i-mut. = i-mutated; pl. = plural; aj = adjective; desc. = modifier for a noun (a "describer") other than an adjective; av = adverb; w1/w2/w3 = weak verb class; s1/s2/.../s7b = strong verb class.
  • amearciend (sm) - designer [straightforward developement of authentic verb "amearcian" - "to describe; to design"]
  • drēamwrītere (sm) - composer ["music-writer"]
  • ēacfaru (sf) - side-quest ["additional-journey"]
  • ȝeyppan (1) - to publish [athentic with broader meaning]
  • hādȝelæstunge (desc.) īwungpleȝa - RPG, role-playing game ["person-directing video game"]
  • hȳrendliċ (aj) - freelancing, freelancer, for-hire ["hirable"]
  • īwungpleȝa (wm) - video game ["showing-game"]
  • spellsibb (aj) - story-related ["story-related"]
  • wyrċinȝe (desc.) hēap (sm) - developement team ["making team"]