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Botsƿana[ādihtan fruman]

Isn't this article a duplicate of Botsƿana? --YMS (talk) 17:59, 29 Hrēþmōnaþ 2013 (UTC)

Thank you for pointing that out. The reason there are two pages is because, as you may notice, there are different ways of writing Old English used here (to reconcile differences within the community) - the way we used to implement this was to have two completely different pages (hence Botswana and Botsƿana); however, recently automatic page conversion has been put in place (you see the gw ȝƿ rūn accross the top of the page), so muliple pages is no longer necessary (and in fact is messy and skews page statistics). We are cleaing it up, gradually. Benmoreandflower.JPG  Ƿes hāl!   Fiordland Lake Marian.jpg 21:41, 29 Hrēþmōnaþ 2013 (UTC)