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Getæl nīwra worda and earfoðra worda[ādihtan fruman]

Note that in this list: "ȝ"=IPA "j", "ċ"=IPA "t͡ʃ", "sċ"=IPA "ʃ", and "ċȝ"=IPA "d͡ːʒ".
Note that etymologies or rationales for the Old English neologisms should be put after the Modern English translation in square brackets, like so:
  • fȳrƿǣpen (sn) - firearm, gun [calque of "firearm"]
Abbreviations used are: sm/sn/sf = strong masculine/neuter/feminine; wm/wn/wf = weak masculine/neuter/feminine; indecm/indecn/indecf = indeclinable masculine/neuter/feminine; w-dec. = w-declension; u-dec. = u declension; i-mut. = i-mutated; pl. = plural; aj = adjective; desc. = modifier for a noun (a "describer") other than an adjective; av = adverb; w1/w2/w3 = weak verb class; s1/s2/.../s7b = strong verb class.
  • ǣhtwealdrǣd (sn) - capitalism ["property-rulership doctrine"]
  • Eallgermanisċ (aj) brǣdung (sf) - pan-Germanism ["All-Germanic movement"]
  • folcliċ (aj) brǣdung (sf) Germanie (desc.) - Volkisch movement ["popular movement of Germany"]
  • Frēo (aj) Weorod (sn) - Freikorps [calque of "Freikorps"]
  • ȝemǣnǣhtrǣdhetende (aj) - anti-communist
  • glimrǣd (sn) - fascism [calque of "fascism"]
  • Marxisċ (aj) rǣd (sn) - Marxism, the teachings of Karl Marx
  • Nīwenglisċ (sn) - Modern English
  • searuliċ (aj) folchete (sm) - scientific racism ["clever people-group hatred"]
  • stēormǣl (sn) - politics [calque of Icelandic "stjórnmál"]
  • þēodȝemǣnsċipliċ (aj) - nazi, national socialist
  • Þēodȝemǣnsċiplīc (aj) Hēap (sm) - Nazi Party
  • þēodliċes (aj) ȝemǣnsċipes (desc.) rǣd (sn) - nazism [near-calque of "national socialism", literally "doctrine of national community" - I have not used the word elsewhere used for left socialism ("efnungrǣd" - a calque from Icelandic) as part of the name because Hitler made clear in this interview: http://www.theguardian.com/theguardian/2007/sep/17/greatinterviews1, that he used socialism with the meaning only somewhat related to left socialism - it included treating workers well, but was nationalist, racist, and not egalitarian)