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Windows ALT codes[adihtan | ādihtan fruman]

If you do not have a customised keyboard or other quick way of doing it, the distinct letters used in Englisc can be typed using ALT+(number)

Normal letters[adihtan | ādihtan fruman]

Letter þ Þ ð Ð æ Æ ƿ Ƿ
Alt+ 231 232 208 209 145 146 447 503

Vowels with macrons[adihtan | ādihtan fruman]

Letter ā Ā ē Ē ī Ī ō Ō ū Ū ȳ Ȳ ǣ Ǣ
Alt+ 257 256 275 274 299 298 333 332 363 362 563 562 483 482

The Complete Set[adihtan | ādihtan fruman]

Win OE ALT codes.jpg

Customising your keyboard[adihtan | ādihtan fruman]

Macintosh OS X[adihtan | ādihtan fruman]

For Macintosh OS X, you can place this custom-made keyboard layout into your Library > Keyboard Layouts folder, and then activate it by choosing Anglo-Saxon under your System Preferences > International menu after restarting. The UK-English-based file is available here.

Ubuntu Linux[adihtan | ādihtan fruman]

For Ubuntu systems, download this US-based keyboard layout, then place it in your ~/usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols folder with this following Terminal command:

cd ~/Downloads

to navigate there (assuming that's where you put it), and then:

sudo cp us ~/usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols

After which, just restart and navigate to System > Preferences > Keyboard > Layouts > Add... > By country and choose United States > USA International (AltGr dead keys). It's an exact copy of your existing us layout, but with additions for ȝ (ALT+y) and ƿ (ALT+w) for your keyboard.

Autocorrects[adihtan | ādihtan fruman]

An alternative, to avoid mucking your keyboard settings up, is to type text in Microsoft Word or similar. Programme a series of "Autocorrect" options, but make sure they will not be triggered accidentally while typing something else. The "#" symbol is useful.

For example:[adihtan | ādihtan fruman]

  • th# might autocorrect to þ (the capital is dealt with by the programme).
  • dh# to ð
  • ae to æ
  • a-# to ā

Further in that cae:

  • thaet can become þæt
  • thaere can become þære
  • odde can become oððe

- and so forth

Downloadable keyboard layouts[adihtan | ādihtan fruman]

Windows[adihtan | ādihtan fruman]

Mac OS X[adihtan | ādihtan fruman]

Linux[adihtan | ādihtan fruman]

External links[adihtan | ādihtan fruman]