Fram Wikipǣdian
Gān tō: þurhfōr, sēcan

For ōðrum brūcum sēo fȳr (scēadung).

A large bonfire
A car on fire
A blacksmith's fire, used primarily for forging iron.
Þis gewrit hæfþ wordcwide on Nīwenglisce.

Fȳr is cynn wielman. Most typically, the word fire refers to the combination of the brilliant glow and large amount of heat released during a rapid, self-sustaining exothermic oxidation process of combustible gases ejected from a fuel. The flames of the fire themselves are a body of gas that releases heat and light. Fires start when a fuel is subjected to heat or another energy source, e.g. a match or lighter, and are sustained by the further release of heat energy until all the conbustible fuel is consumed.

Þæt word fȳr by itself often designates uncontrolled fires rather than referring to controlled fires.