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Danfeng Geat eft getimbrod þæt Daminghealles

Damingheall (se is "Sele of Miclum Beorhtnesse") wæs se cāserlic cynebotl þæs Tang Cynecynnes, and hit stent in þās cāsera hēafodburg se wæs Chang'an.[1][2] In þissum healle ricsodon Tang cāseras for mār þan 220 wintrum.[1]

Todæg is þes sele þēodes iefstede of Cīnan.[3] His stede is be norðēasten Xi'an byrig, sēo is in Shaanxi Underrīce.[4]

Frūman[adiht | adiht fruman]

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