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[[::User:Example|Example]] ([[::User talk:Example|talk]]⧼dot-separator⧽[[::Special:Contributions/Example|contribs]])

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Usage[adiht fruman]

  • {{User|Jimbo Wales}} → [[::User:Jimbo Wales|Jimbo Wales]] ([[::User talk:Jimbo Wales|talk]]⧼dot-separator⧽[[::Special:Contributions/Jimbo Wales|contribs]])

Names with (or without) equal signs can be given as 1=Username or User=Username :

  • {{User|1=Billbailey=legend}} → [[::User:Billbailey=legend|Billbailey=legend]] ([[::User talk:Billbailey=legend|talk]]⧼dot-separator⧽[[::Special:Contributions/Billbailey=legend|contribs]])
  • {{User|User=Billbailey=legend}} → [[::User:Billbailey=legend|Billbailey=legend]] ([[::User talk:Billbailey=legend|talk]]⧼dot-separator⧽[[::Special:Contributions/Billbailey=legend|contribs]])

An optional second parameter can be used to specify a wikimedia project. This parameter can also be called by the name Project.

Sandbox[adiht fruman]

Template:User/Sandbox can be used for testing. Additional edit history for this template is contained there.

Other user information templates[adiht fruman]

These templates are used to provide information about users; they are similar to signatures except that they provide different information, and may be used by other users than the one they give information about. They include one or more of the following parameters:

abuse log • account creation • actions log • arb • b • block • block log • block user • blocklog • blocks • bots • c • checkuser • contribs • contributions • count • d • deleted contribs • deletions • edit count • edits • email • flag log • l • log • logs • lta • lu • m • makebot • message • Online • other log • p • page moves • protects • renames • rfa • rfar • rfb • rfc • rfcu • rights • search • search an, ani, cn, an3 • socks • ssp • summary • talk • tasks • total • u • UHx • user • Ut+ • UtE • UtHx

In addition to this one, other user information templates include:

Standard User information templates
Template Produces... ('Example' is used for user name)
{{User0}} Bysen:User0
{{User}} {{User1}} {{BUser}} [[::User:Example|Example]] ([[::User talk:Example|talk]]⧼dot-separator⧽[[::Special:Contributions/Example|contribs]])
{{User2}} Bysen:User2
{{User2a}} Bysen:User2a
{{User3}} Bysen:User3
{{User3-small}} Bysen:User3-small
{{User4}} Bysen:User4
{{User5}} Bysen:User5
{{User6}} Bysen:User6
{{User7}} Bysen:User7
{{User8}} Bysen:User8
{{User9}} Bysen:User9
{{User10}} Bysen:User10
{{User11}} Bysen:User11
{{User12}} Bysen:User12
{{User13}} Bysen:User13
{{User14}} Bysen:User14
{{User15}} Bysen:User15
{{User16}} Bysen:User16
{{User17}} (see User17)
{{User19}} Bysen:User19
{{User20}} Bysen:User20
{{User21}} Bysen:User21
{{User22}} Bysen:User22
{{UserSummary}} Bysen:UserSummary
{{User plus}} Bysen:User plus
{{User1 plus}} Bysen:User1 plus
{{User2 plus}} Bysen:User2 plus
{{Useranon}} Bysen:Useranon
{{IPuser}} Bysen:IPuser
{{IPSummary}} Bysen:IPSummary
User information templates normally used on administrative pages
Template Produces... ('Example' is used for user name)
{{User-c}} Bysen:User-c
{{User-c-name}} Bysen:User-c-name
{{User-t}} Bysen:User-t
{{User-t2}} Bysen:User-t2
{{Useredits}} Bysen:Useredits
{{UserContribs}} Bysen:UserContribs
{{Ccount}} Bysen:Ccount
{{Useracc}} Bysen:Useracc
{{UserBk}} Bysen:UserBk
{{Userblock}} Bysen:Userblock
{{Userblocked}} Bysen:Userblocked
{{UserVP}} Bysen:UserVP
{{Userlogs}} Bysen:Userlogs
{{Userrights}} Bysen:Userrights
{{Userlinks}} Bysen:Userlinks
{{Userlinks2}} Bysen:Userlinks2
{{Userlinks-abbr}} Bysen:Userlinks-abbr
{{Userlinks-external}} Bysen:Userlinks-external
{{Userlinks-tt}} Bysen:Userlinks-tt
{{UserFs}} Bysen:UserFs
{{Usercheck}} Bysen:Usercheck
{{Usercheck-short}} Bysen:Usercheck-short
{{Usercheck-full}} Bysen:Usercheck-full
{{Checkuser}} Bysen:Checkuser
{{User-full}} Bysen:User-full
{{Admincheck}} Bysen:Admincheck
{{Socklinks}} Bysen:Socklinks
{{Vandal}} Bysen:Vandal
{{Vandal-s}} Bysen:Vandal-s
{{Vandal-m}} Bysen:Vandal-m
{{User-uaa}} Bysen:User-uaa
{{Notable user}} Bysen:Notable user
{{Checkip}} Bysen:Checkip
{{IPcheck}} Bysen:IPcheck
{{IPvandal}} Bysen:IPvandal
{{IPunblock}} Bysen:IPunblock
{{Proxyip}} Bysen:Proxyip
User information templates for Admins, Bureaucrats, and Bots
Template Produces... ('Example' is used for user name)
{{Admin}} Bysen:Admin
{{Admin-abbr}} Bysen:Admin-abbr
{{Bureaucrat}} Bysen:Bureaucrat
{{Bureaucrat2}} Bysen:Bureaucrat2
{{Botlinks}} Bysen:Botlinks
{{Botlinks2}} Bysen:Botlinks2
{{Botlinks3}} Bysen:Botlinks3
{{Formeradmin}} Bysen:Formeradmin
Templates used by bots to provide missing user information
Template Produces... ('Example' is used for user name)
{{unsigned}} {{unsigned3}} Bysen:Unsigned
{{unsigned2}} Bysen:Unsigned2
{{unsigned4}} Bysen:Unsigned4
{{unsigned5}} Bysen:Unsigned5
{{unsigned6}} Bysen:Unsigned6
{{unsigned7}} Bysen:Unsigned7
{{unsigned8}} Bysen:Unsigned8
{{unsigned9}} Bysen:Unsigned9
{{unsignedIP}} Bysen:UnsignedIP
{{unsignedIP2}} Bysen:UnsignedIP2
{{Uns-ip}} Bysen:Uns-ip
{{Uns-ip-van}} Bysen:Uns-ip-van
{{undated}} Bysen:Undated
{{UserActual}} Bysen:UserActual
{{quotedfrom}} Bysen:Quotedfrom
{{warningorigin}} Bysen:Warningorigin
{{unsigned2Fix}} Bysen:Unsigned2Fix
{{unsignedIP2Fix}} Bysen:UnsignedIP2Fix