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This template rounds down a numeric value to a limited number of decimal places.

Usage[adiht fruman]

  • {{Rounddown|value}}
  • {{Rounddown|value|decimals}}
  • Both parameters can be any valid numeric expression; however, decimals should be an integer.
  • The decimals parameter defaults to 0.
  • decimals can be negative to round down to a multiple of a power of ten.
  • NAN may be returned if very large values are used.

Examples[adiht fruman]

Template Result Expected
{{Rounddown|3.14159|3}} 3.141 3.141
{{Rounddown|0.123|3}} 0.123 0.123
{{Rounddown|0.00032|3}} 0 0
{{Rounddown|-0.123|3}} -0.123 -0.123
{{Rounddown|-3.14159|3}} -3.142 -3.142
{{Rounddown|0.31415|0}} 0 0
{{Rounddown|0|0}} 0 0
{{Rounddown|-0.31415|0}} -1 -1
{{Rounddown|314159|-3}} 314000 314000
{{Rounddown|314.15|-3}} 0 0
{{Rounddown|-314159|-3}} -315000 -315000
{{Rounddown|.875}} 0 0

Note[adiht fruman]

  • You should use the parserfunction {{#expr:floor value}} rather than {{Rounddown|value}} or {{Rounddown|value|0}}. This template should only be used when rounding down to some number of decimal places other than zero.

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