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{{{Type}}} {{{Longtype}}} by {{{Artist}}}
Ūtgifen {{{Released}}}
Swēgwriten {{{Recorded}}}
Cynn {{{Genre}}}
Lengu {{{Length}}}
Label {{{Label}}}
Alǣdend {{{Producer}}}
Gæderod be {{{Compiled by}}}
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{{Infobox Album
| Name        = 
| Type        = (Album, EP etc...)
| Longtype    = 
| Artist      = 
| Cover       = (image.jpg)
| Released    = (date)
| Recorded    = 
| Genre       = 
| Length      = 
| Label       = 
| Producer    = 
| Reviews     = 
| Last album  = 
| This album  = 
| Next album  = 
EPs lightsalmon
Original studio albums lightsteelblue
Live albums and live EPs burlywood
Greatest hits, remixes, box sets and other compilations darkseagreen
Cover and tribute albums thistle
Soundtracks and television theme songs gainsboro
Unknown type peachpuff

The background colour will change automatically depending on the text that appears in the "Type" field. For possible arguments for "Type" see Template:Infobox Album/color.

For advanced usage, see Wikipedia:WikiProject Albums.

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