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This template, {{Coord/prec dec}}, returns "d", "dm", or "dms", given two decimal WG84 coordinates.

Usage[adiht fruman]

{{Coord/prec dec|lat|long}}

Examples[adiht fruman]

{{Coord/prec dec|99|1}} d
{{Coord/prec dec|99|1.2}} dm
{{Coord/prec dec|99|1.23}} dm
{{Coord/prec dec|99|1.234}} dms
{{Coord/prec dec|99|1.2345}} dms
{{Coord/prec dec|99|1.23456}} dms
{{Coord/prec dec|99|1.0}} dm
{{Coord/prec dec|99|1.00}} dm
{{Coord/prec dec|99|1.000}} dms
{{Coord/prec dec|99|1.0000}} dms
{{Coord/prec dec|99|1.00000}} dms