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Main Page Prototype[ādihtan fruman]

Give me feedback on this design, suggestions, and vote on how well you like it. No one likes the current main page really. Once I get this design complete, you can count on seeing it as our new main page.

Now leave some love and support for this new design.

Help page idea[ādihtan fruman]

It looks good, but I am not so sure about the detail.

Where I disagree is the passage about the choice between þ and ð. These may used interchangeably: apart from the uncertainly of pronunciation, switching between them freely makes for authenticity. It is also not the case that you never see ð as the first or last letter; it is quite frequent in authentic texts and does occur in articles.

Beyond that, saying that þ is for unvoiced sound and ð for the voiced is inconsistent with saying that we always write þæt, where the þ is voiced! (I have written ðæt on occasion, where it fitted the style in the rest of the sentence, or where I was quoting.)


þ is in preference used where the th sound is unvoiced, and at the beginning of words. Thus, you will almost always see "þæt" and "pæþ," not "ðæt" or "pæð", though these did exist historically.

ð is typically used for the voiced sound, and is found in the middle of a word, and when coupled with a back vowel.

(I thought we had years ago, discussed ċ and ruled it out, though I leave it alone, and it is usually in the ȝƿ articles.)

In the "Typing" section you have a good commentary (the same as the one you contributed to the Gemotstow!) One might add that the letters and common short words are provided beneath the sandbox. Other techniques, for those not blessed with a Mac is on the same Gemotstow page.

Lastly, one might add the line about not demanding any particular dialect or age of Englisc (albeit that in reality we go for the classical Alfredian West Saxon of the books we have all learnt from).

Hogweard 21:40, 29 Hrēþmōnaþ 2010 (UTC)

Alright, good rewording on the þ/ð issue. (btw, that right there isnt "me" talking, per se, but also several OE book authors and linguists) By no means is it me telling people how to write, but instead it's for the sake of this particular website. I too find it strange that the unvoiced þ appears at the beginning of þæt despite the fact that we pronounce it ðæt (evidence lies with German das beginning with a d, which corresponds to ð), but hey. What can ya do.
Thanks for reminding me about the other methods mentioned on the Ȝemōtstōƿ, I'll go there and copy that over here (although I strongly recommend a custom keyboard layout as the best solution).
The ċ, I honestly dont remember having seen it decided for or against (by us current users, not those of the previous "2005" generation who've long disappeared), but I'm not hard-bent on it, in all honesty. I see it as useful, but ugly. I kinda look at it as a "sort-of" umlaut, or being like the ç of French. Realistically I can see people being against it on this Wikipedia, so yall can decide that on your own (in other words, I have no vote about ċ).
Anything else? Anything you feel newcomers should know? — ᚹᚩᛞᛖᚾᚻᛖᛚᛗ 22:06, 29 Hrēþmōnaþ 2010 (UTC)