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Wes þu hal, Anthony:

Hæfst þu an gewritgelíefunge (license) for þara gewritum onlícnessum (images) for Dýfung? --Saforrest 19:00, 17 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Ic sylf macode ealle hira mid CGI mid þǽm programman Poser 4.0.3. Séo to rǽdanne maran ymb þis. Ond ic macode þá (mesh models) þára froggamanna ond þæs (chariot).

Wilt þu brúceres tramet wrítan? Béo hál! --James 22:09, 17 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Hi Anthony. If you wish to add something to a category, such as Category:Human societies, you can do so by adding the tag [[Category:Human societies]] at the bottom of the text of the article you wish to add, rather than modifying the category page.

In any case, it would be good to use an OE equivalent, rather than 'Human societies'. --Saforrest 19:35, 26 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Hi again. I've added an explanation to Talk:Dýfung about how to make clickable links to images, though I think embedded thumbnails are better and closer to Wikipedia convention for such things. Saforrest 01:18, 28 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Gecynd[adiht fruman]

Hi Anthony. With regards to your questions on categories:

  1. The first time you make a change to Category:foobar, it is created.
  2. To see a list of categories, either those that already exist or those that may not yet exist but have been referenced somewhere, see Special:Categories. Existing categories will be coloured blue; nonexistent categories that have been somewhere referenced will be coloured red.
  3. For other lists of pages (e.g. pages with little text, lots of text, images, lists of users, etc.) see Special:Specialpages.

Hope that helps. --Saforrest 13:05, 29 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Bendas[adiht fruman]

Cúðest þu ascian óðerum websteddum gif híe macien bendas hértó? --James 07:45, 11 Nov 2004 (UTC)

Accented symbols[adiht fruman]

An easy way to use the accented symbols are to highlight one with your mouse, copy it, and then paste it. JarlaxleArtemis 04:30, 19 Sol 2005 (UTC)

Voting in Poll[adiht fruman]

Please vote in the Macron/Accute poll --James 07:08, 24 Hāligmōnaþ 2005 (UTC)

Please vote in the Style vote poll, especially regarding using yogh/wynn --James 17:52, 27 Gēolmōnaþ 2008 (UTC)

Alright[adiht fruman]

I suppose i can hold off for the time being. Do you use an instant messenger program? It'd be easier than this. —Ƿōdenhelm 23:13, 18 Gēolmōnaþ 2008 (UTC)

Retreading[adiht fruman]

We don't need to retread the same path, except that Wódenhelm insists on his "right" to use wynn. I have tried to get him to notice that this will cause problems for the data of the encyclopaedia. He has no reponse, but presses on for his "compromise". Evertype 19:55, 6 Se Æfterra Gēola 2009 (UTC)

Evertype, ive told you several times that just because i'm the most vocal (as in, direct with my speech) doesnt mean that I'm the only one. Just quit pressing the issue, as the rest of us are past it already. You're still just an outsider. —Ƿōdenhelm 20:20, 6 Se Æfterra Gēola 2009 (UTC)
That doesn't mean you haven't dodged the data-integrity issue. You care about your own personal aesthetic, which (1) is at odds with current scholarly practice and (2) creates needless and insurmountable multiple spellings which make effective searching the body of the OE encyclopaeida impossible. (You mentioned redirects twice before, but that affects only article titles, not article text.) Whether you are one or more than one, your preference is bad for the encyclopaedia. Evertype 22:13, 6 Se Æfterra Gēola 2009 (UTC)
(sigh) A: There are no set scholarly practices, even if there were, that amounts to nothing. The Gothic encyclopedia gets to use its own script, even despite the fact that I most often find Gothic text on the web in the Latin script. B: Just searching within the body of print? I suppose that modern wolf and wolves doesnt affect this at all? At this point, you honestly sound like you're just making up excuses. I'm going back to not listening to you now, Evertype. Not listening to you allows me to be more constructive for the encyclopedia, such as expanding short articles. Arguing with you, however, amounts to nothing. I'm gonna go be constructive now :)Ƿōdenhelm 22:25, 6 Se Æfterra Gēola 2009 (UTC)
"Wolf" and "wolves" is a morphological alternation, and you have to know the language to know which form you are looking for. However, you can search for "wolf" or "wolves" and you will find all examples of either. Your proposal forks "wolf" from "ƿolf" and "wolves" from "ƿolves", and because wynn is not equivalent to w, a search of the text will not yield all instances of the same word. This is not "making excuses". It is a character set issue. This needless obstacle is present only because you are pushing your POV aesthetic. There is a set of scholarly practices, and that is to normalize to "w". What amounts to nothing is your insistence that you get your own way. The proliferation of wynns in the Wicipǽdia has sharply reduced its interest and usefulness. Evertype 09:42, 7 Se Æfterra Gēola 2009 (UTC)

IP[adiht fruman]

Salam. Mən və User:Vugar 1981 və digər bəzi iş yoldaşlarımız eyni IP-dən istifadə edirik. EnVikidə Vugar 1981-nin bloklanması nəticəsində bizim IP-də bloklanmışdır. Sizdən blokun götürülməsini xahiş edirəm. Və yaxud da mənə Ipblock-exempt istifadəçi hüququ verməyinizi xahiş edirəm. Təşəkkürlər! Hörmətlə, Cekli829 08:12, 21 Ēastermōnaþ 2011 (UTC)