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Þis geƿrit hæfþ ƿordcƿide on Nīƿenglisce.
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Mentha aquatica in flower
Mentha aquatica in flower
Cræftlicu endebyrdung
Rīce: Plantae
Stefn: Magnoliophyta
Flocc: Magnoliopsida
Hād: Lamiales
Cnēoris: Lamiaceae
Cnōsl: Mentha
Cynn: M. aquatica
Twinemniendlic nama
Mentha aquatica

Balsminte (Mentha aquatica) is perennial plante in þǣm mentha cynde and is gemǣne þurhūt Europe, būtan in þǣm ȳtemestan Norðe.

Hēo ƿiexþ ymbe 90 cm on hīehþe, although it may reach heights of 150 cm when supported by taller vegetation and has a distinctly minty smell. It has ovate to ovate-lanceolate, green (sometimes purplish), opposite, toothed, veined leaves which can be either hairy or hairless. Þā stefnas sind oft purpurene. Flowers are tiny, densely crowded, purple, tubular, pinkish to lilac in colour and bloom from July to September. Water mint is pollinated by insects, but can easily be propagated through root cuttings, like other species of mint.

Sƿā se ōðer nama ƿæterminte tācnaþ, findeþ man ƿætermintan in þǣm scealdum margins and channels of streams, rivers, pools, dykes, ditches, canals, wet meadows, marshes and fens. If the plant grows in the water itself, it rises above the surface of the water. It generally occurs on mildly acid to calcareous (it is common on soft limestone) mineral or peaty soils.

It is crossed mid speremintan tō produce pipormintan, a sterile hybrid.