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Acan tūn

Fram Wikipǣdian

Acan tūn is se nama fela tūna:

In Englalande

Þāra tūna is Acan tūn in Lundene se mǣsta. It is noteworthy for having no fewer than seven railway stations distinguished as North, South, East, West, Central, Mainline and Town. Four of these are on the London Underground and three on the regional rail network.

Māra, sind manig tūnas in Englalande mid gefēredum naman þe onginþ mid Acan tūne: Acton Beauchamp, Acton Bridge, Acton Burnell, Acan tūn Green (twice), Acan tūn Pigott, Acan tūn Place, Acan tūn Reynald, Acan tūn Round, Acan tūn Scott, Acan tūn Trussell, and Acan tūn Turville

In Wales

  • Acan tūn, Denbighshire

In þǣm USA:

Acan tūn, California is probably named for Acton, Massachusetts by a miner from there. Acan tūn, Massachusetts is probably named for Acan tūn, Sūþfolc (both are near towns named Sudbury).

In Canadan:

In Australian